Tuesday, March 21, 2006

GOPIO.Connect Pushes for Clean Ganges

More than 300 Million Indians are supported by River Ganges and today its state is such that the polluted water contributes to the death of thousands of Indian children every year.

GOPIO.Connect has initiated a plan to gather NRI momentum to Clean Ganges as part of its India Development Efforts. To kick off the project, we are actively supporting Campaign for a Clean Ganges (Swatcha Ganges Abhiyaan) in Varanasi started by Dr. Veer Bhadra Mishra, a professor of hydraulics. Time Magazine nominated Dr. Mishra as one of the "hero for the planet" in 1999 for his initiative. Click below: http://www.peopleandplanet.net/doc.php?id=2510

We are planning to coordinate all the financial assistance for Dr. Mishra’s campaign through Chicago-based non-Profit Health and Happiness Inc., which has already supported more than 60 programs in India since 1995. Please send your contributions to Shri Subhash Mehta, 772-728-7180 or Email: subhashmehta@sbcglobal.net

GOPIO.Connect encourages to push for a coordinated efforts of NRIs to bring time, knowledge and technology to help Clean Ganges and also requests Government of India to do sincere effort in this direction.

Clean Ganges is Prosperous India. Lets make it happen.


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