Sunday, October 03, 2004

An Initiative on Education of Rural Women

Magan Sangrahalaya is a voluntary institution dedicated to the cause of Artisans of India and is working on dissemination of Appropriate Rural Technologies. It has a wing on Science & Technology for Rural Women. Presently this wing is working in 100 villages and is directly linked with 7000 women.

Regarding Education of women of these villages we have followed a unique approach. The approach is to empower them by bringing them into the main stream, strengthening their technical capacity, raising their scientific temper and substantiating their economic status.

In Maharashtra the Educational Scenario is different than other states of India. In our region i.e. Vidharbha 70% women are literate. The reason for high percentage of literacy amongst women is free Education for girls in government schools (from Primary to Higher Secondary standard), free books and subsidized bus fares. Till Primary Standard the School Children are provided mid day meals.

In this region the problem is not literacy but its relevance in overcoming day to day problems and earning livelihood. In the present circumstances with dire poverty and lack of basics, literacy is necessary but not sufficient condition to improve socio-economic status of people below poverty line.

Therefore in our work we emphasize more on imparting short term field based Training specially designed to cater to rural women of our region. The training modules are so geared that after the training the woman is equipped with knowledge and on hand experience to start an enterprise or service. The training has a direct bearing on their financial status and bargaining power.

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